A group of six friends staying in Ullapool came down for a paddle in Poolewe bay and around the edge of Inverewe Garden to Camas Glas.

All three boats where competitive from the start, getting very involved in some games. The teams picked up the different strokes quickly, enabling them to manoeuvre their boats where they wanted to go, mostly of the time!


Since it was low tide the group had the opportunity to collect a bunch of mussels for their tea. The crabs that they found where a wee bit small to eat, so after scurring around the boat scaring folk they where returned to the sea.


After a coffee break in Camas Glas the lads wanted to try solo paddling, they did well at this using a modified ‘J’ stroke to keep them going straight. After picking up the rest of the group from the beach we headed off otter spotting – none where seen today, but a seal was later spotted watching us as we headed for shore.


A few more games showed off the teams paddling ability and their balance, along with another round of the old favourite ‘Loch Ewe Pyranhas’. Some of the group where keen to get wet (mad people…) so they took up an unstable paddling position sitting on the very front of the canoes, with their legs dangling into the water. Sadly their balance was far too good for this and in the end they had to just jump in and swim the short distance to shore.

Despite getting wet everyone had a great time – another good session.