DSCF2075The morning was perfect weather for paddling – sunny, dry, wind less and midge free.  A great start for Go Further Scotland‘s Tame the Wild weekend.


We all started the day off with a bit of canoeing on the flat waters of Loch Ewe. Each pair picked up the hang of paddling the canoes quickly, getting to where they wanted to go easily. Despite initial trepidation Alison had a smile on her face from the start, realising that it is actually quite fun.




Since it was high tide we paddled off to see the River Ewe – at high tide the rapids under the bridge are completely flat, even the current of the river was unnoticeable. Have a look over the bridge at low tide and it’s quite a scary sight.

After a relaxing coffee break we jumped back on the water to practice more ways of moving the canoes, and then a good game of Loch Ewe Piranhas (seems to crop up in every session!).




Everything was going well, lots of laughs and fun until one pair where a bit eager and capsized. Luckily I had my camera to hand…. Sorry Jonathan and James, I couldn’t help putting the picture up. Whilst I was sorting out their canoe Jonathan threw a wet piranha straight at me – suddenly any sympathy I had for them was gone!






It was then an ideal time for a change of activity. Whilst the wet folk went to get dry, Paul, Colin and Arleen set out to see what solo canoeing is like. The ‘J’ stroke, Goon Stroke and probably a number of variations where put to use in order to maneuver the canoes. As the wind picked up slightly paddling became trickier but they all managed well.




Then it was time for the kayaks, due to an onshore breeze this made the task of paddling around trickier. We got on the water and soon found that the little kayaks liked to spin whilst the long sea kayaks didn’t. After a wee bit of instruction the paddlers found they where able to get the little kayaks going where they wanted and the long ones to turn, eventually.


The morning on the water went well, after lunch the group set off on a gently run to Kernsary. Luckily I had a doctors note telling me not to run! Thanks to Paul Tattersall and Colin Meek for organising a great weekend of activities.