Cameron 11,9,14 (5)


Gill and Neil live down the road in Aultbea and have been thinking of getting a boat for a while, so they came out with me to try-out a few boats and see what they think of kayaking. We met at the Boom beach in Mellon Charles and started the session by chatting about different types of boats, along with their pros ad cons.




Cameron 11,9,14 (12)We started out paddling around on some of my sit on top kayaks, learning the suitable strokes so that we could control the boats and get where we wanted. After a coffee break we jumped into some sea kayaks to see the difference in boat types. Gill and Neil went away with a clearer picture of what different types of kayaks can offer them, a good idea of other safety precautions that should be taken and good basic skills to control a kayak.