Cherry 14,3,15 (11)

We’ve been having a few good days up here lately, makes up for the storms earlier on in the week.  So, when Cherry was passing my house and saw the boats in the garden she couldn’t help but come and ask to go out paddling.

She used to live in the area, but now only manages to get up to her holiday cottage when it’s not let out. Cherry has done a fair bit of paddling in the past, so had no problems manoeuvring the boat in the light wind and waves.

Cherry 14,3,15 (18)


We had a good little paddle, around the coastline from Ormiscaig to the end of Mellon Charles – past a busy looking Aroma Cafe and Perfume Studio at the end of the Mellon Charles road. The sun kept shining and not a cloud drifted past. A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon in March!