Loch Maree Rescue

The forecasts this week have been for fairly windy conditions, so I haven’t been booking in much work. Local lads, Luke and Innis, need to learn a few more skills in their boats so that they’re safe when they head out on the water. Doesn’t matter if they get blown around a lot.

The plan was to get wet, learning what to do to get a boat empty, upright and back in it when away from the bank. The argument as to who would wear the dry suit and who would get the wetsuit didn’t last as long as I thought it might! Not that I cared, I wasn’t letting them near my shiny dry suit.

Ewe Kayaking



After a bit of splashing about on Loch Maree, getting in and out of the boats a fair bit we headed down the river Ewe. Luke helped us practice our rescue technique a few times on the way, thank Luke! (Sadly no picture of that.)