Due to the local climbing instructor, Paul (Go Further Scotland), being on holiday and Jim the next nearest having a broken collar bone I put my climbing instructor hat on and took the Fisher family for a spot of climbing at Clown Crag.

Despite grazing her leg, Letty managed to conquer each climb, getting all the way up every one. A great achievement for a 6 year old (even if it was just days till her 7th birthday – Happy Birthday!)

Louise trumped Letty’s graze with a bigger knock to her leg, but still went on to get to the top of the routes. Rob chose to take the hard lines up each route, remembering the climbing he did in his past.

The next afternoon was due to be wet so they chose to have a trip to Gairloch’s indoor climbing wall. Erin and Letty both found their feet quickly, enjoying zipping up and down the wall. Louise and Rob left happy and confidant with their skills to take the girls climbing again.