Last winter I talked to the class about running a paddling business, they where all keen to come out for a paddle to see what I do first hand – and have some fun! We had originally penciled it in for the previous Wednesday, the typical March weather made us change our plans. Today was a glorious blue sky stunning day, the sort of day I wish I could have for every session.






We headed out in the canoes to start with, Jake and Neil teamed up in one boat and Chris and Mrs Johnston where in the other. Both boats paddled well, getting used to the boats very quickly and improving their strokes nicely. I’m not sure which team scored most points in the piranha game, even I got hit in the head by one sneaky piranha.






Jane and Neil managed to capsize whilst both reaching for the same piranha – clever lads…! They both surfaced with smiles on their faces and where keen to jump back in the boat and get back to it. We then tried out a few balancing tasks, culminating in Neil and Chris leaning backwards from the centre of the boat so that they could dip their hair in the water.




After a quick hot drink we headed out in the little kayaks to see how everyone did by themselves. It wasn’t long before we where back to playing Loch Tollaidh piranhas. Again I have no idea who scored the most points, but then that’s not really the idea of the game – it’s to throw sodden sponge balls at other folks heads!┬áNeil found himself swimming again – somebody had to! It was then time to see how everyone’s balance was. Not bad it turns out, everyone managed all the tasks without falling in – boring!




It was a good session with everyone paddling well and enjoying the great conditions. I don’t think any of them minded staying at ‘school’ late today. I don’t remember school being like this when I was young!