24-7-16 Nelson & Gough (10)

24-7-16 Nelson & Gough (29)Lorna had more friends up in the area, so Maureen, Cerys along with Iain and Lorna joined me on a sunny calm afternoon at Mellon Charles. Cerys paddles a lot at home but her mum hasn’t done any. After a short while on the water Maureen realised that it is actually fun, so had a fantastic time. Iain and Lorna have paddled with me many many times before, so know my normal games but still seemed to enjoy every minute.24-7-16 Nelson & Gough (20)




We had a low tide and very calm water, so where able to explore every nook and cranny of the coastline, seeing hundreds of star fish, plenty of urchins and some fantastic anemones.


24-7-16 Nelson & Gough (84) 24-7-16 Nelson & Gough (33)24-7-16 Nelson & Gough (45)