The sun kept shining for a while, but dark clouds gathered as we got ready. Helen and Jessica wanted to come out in the kayaks for a paddle from Gairloch Harbour. Helen’s son had brought along a sit on top boat after deciding that he was too good to paddle with us.





They both picked up the skills to turn the boat left and right very quickly – but they did seem to keep practising those turns a lot during the session! Helen decided to overcome her fear of capsizing by, well… capsizing. She did it very well, and worked out how to get back into her boat without too much effort.

We went for a good long paddle, with heavy rain at times making the sea feel nice and warm. The rain made me envious of Helen and Jessica in their wetsuits – maybe I should have put one on too!




Jessica’s brother (sorry, can’t think of your name – it’s not on my piece of paper!) on the sit on top kayak joined us for a game, trying to win by jumping off his kayak – cheat! The session ended with everyone soaked – either from falling in or the rain.