Gower Kayak




Jon, Max and Sam came down to Tollie Bay for a kayak session. They had all kayaked before so it was an easy start to the session, it just took them a short while to get used to the boats. A vicious game of ‘Piranhas’ was had, I think a few where even aimed at my head – but I suspect I got my own back!





We had a good paddle along the upper part of the river Ewe, with all their paddling skills improving as the session went on. At the end of the session we tried out a few challenges, ending with both lads in the loch!

Gelly Paddle



The sun was back when the Gelly family met me at Tollie Bay for a fun mornings paddling. We started the session canoeing, with Keith and young Jamie in one boat and Alison and even younger Ciaran in the other. Both boats managed to paddle around despite the wind blowing up the loch. After a good game of ‘Piranhas’ and testing our balance in the boats we headed to shore for a hot chocolate and swap of boats.





After another paddling briefing on shore we soon took to the water and tested the boats out. Just as we did in the canoes we practised some paddling strokes in preparation for a game or two. Keith was good enough to show his lads how easy it was to fall out of a kayak and how there is no need to worry if you do!





With everyone paddling well we got on with the important stuff – some games! We played the tails game, Ciaran managing to grab my tail in the very end but not without getting very wet! To end the session we tested Jamie and Ciaran’s balancing skills, making them do lots of rafted challenges.

Galvin Canoe




Another sunny morning at Tollie Bay, this time I was joined by the Galvin family – Grace, Daniel, Emmet and Helen. We set off in the canoes initially, heading across the bay. Manoeuvring skills where picked up well, enabling a good game of ‘Piranhas’ to be had.






After a short break we swapped over to the kayaks, it was such a hot sunny day no one minded splashing around in the water at all. Grace and Daniel both performed well in the kayaks, being only 8 means it’s hard work for them.

Tollaidh Paddle


Local lads Innis and Ciaran came along for a bit of paddle training.

A bit of time was spent in canoes, practising their strokes and leaning new techniques. After a fancy Wispa hot chocolate and rest it was time to spend a bit of time in kayaks, unfortunately neither fell in so I just had to spend my time hurling wet piranhas at them.


Sadly time was ticking away and this wasn’t getting their revision done, so it was time to end the afternoon and send them back to their study.

Collins Canoe

I should really do more of these blog post things, so here is one.

Collins Canoe


Today the sun was shinning and it looked like a great day to get out for a paddle. Upon arriving at Tollaidh Bay they decided to have an adult canoe and a youth canoe – which is best for teamwork, youth and enthusiasm or a bit of age and wisdom?

In the end both boats managed well, despite the fresh wind coming down the loch. After an ‘all right‘ (delicious) and warming hot chocolate the youth team decided to split and have a go in kayaks, whilst the adult team used their wisdom deciding that the stability of the canoe would keep them dryer.

Collins kayak

The kayakers where doing well until George leant a little too far and had an unexpected bath. I towed him ashore whilst he kept a shivering smile on his face. After a bit more paddling around it was time to end a fun session on the water, well done everyone.

Benson Kayak

This morning was another midge morning. Not pleasent on on the bank so we made a quick get away onto the still water of Loch Maree. Seoras decided to opt for going into the water instead of onto it even before I had got into my boat.



Everything went well for a while until Seoras went in for a second time. And then a third, and forth… I think by the end of the session he’d swam 8 times! A record for the year so far! If only there was an Olympic medal for capsizing.



The rest of the group, Eileen, George, Charlie and Roma,  demonstrated that you don’t have to fall in all the time. Although Charlie did take a dip whilst racing away to protect his ‘tail’ in a game.

Despite all the rescues it was a good morning.

Whitwell Canoeing

After a few days of rain and strong winds it all settled and the midges came out to play. Once on the water we escaped them till we landed back at the end.

Both pairs, Carl and William & Roz and Eleanor, got the hang of the canoes, managing to get where they wanted without turning in too many circles! Very early on the lads boat reached a wee bit too far for a pryranha and ended up swimming! After a quick break to sort out soggy clothes everyone jumped back in the boats.

The rest of the afternoon was spent paddling and playing games with everyone staying dry.



Kayak Rescue

Graeme wanted to practice kayak rescues for when he’s out and about sea kayaking. Whilst the Fisher family from the morning session where taking a dip in their swimming costumes, Graeme donned his wetsuit, I looked at the water and chose to go for the drysuit option – I think I’m getting a bit soft, or is it just getting a bit wise?


The afternoon was spent mainly splashing around in the water, attempting to get back into boats. Graeme found that after a bow rescue it’s good to keep holding on otherwise you topple all the way round and end up swimming!

The sun shone down making it an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon, still glad that I wore my drysuit though!

I confess to jumping out of my canoe (with the plan of checking I could still climb back in happily) to see my canoe racing off faster than I could swim after it. I should perhaps have stopped the boat after gunnel bobbing it along before jumping out!


Fisher Canoe

The Fisher family came to Tollaidh Bay on a misty morning, after setting off onto the water the sun decided to burn through and make it a fantastic day.




A nice introduction to canoeing. Letty and Erin did really well, getting to grips with all the strokes. The thought of hot chocolate on the beach spured them on along the river and back into the loch. Battling against the breeze back to the start was the hardest part of the trip.


Louise then had a play around in a sea kayak, finding it’s long sleek hull and lower profile made it far easier to control in the breeze.

The whole family preformed really well, with high spirits all morning.

Loch Maree Canoeing


Despite the poor recent weather we had sunshine, and a wee bit of hail, for a quick paddle around in canoes. The morning was spent with James and Craig becoming competent in manoeuvring their boat through obstacles and against the wind. Well done, hope you enjoyed it.

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