The sun was back when the Gelly family met me at Tollie Bay for a fun mornings paddling. We started the session canoeing, with Keith and young Jamie in one boat and Alison and even younger Ciaran in the other. Both boats managed to paddle around despite the wind blowing up the loch. After a good game of ‘Piranhas’ and testing our balance in the boats we headed to shore for a hot chocolate and swap of boats.





After another paddling briefing on shore we soon took to the water and tested the boats out. Just as we did in the canoes we practised some paddling strokes in preparation for a game or two. Keith was good enough to show his lads how easy it was to fall out of a kayak and how there is no need to worry if you do!





With everyone paddling well we got on with the important stuff – some games! We played the tails game, Ciaran managing to grab my tail in the very end but not without getting very wet! To end the session we tested Jamie and Ciaran’s balancing skills, making them do lots of rafted challenges.