Webster Kayak

DSCF6901 DSCF6907 DSCF6892 DSCF6895


A sunny mornings kayaking from Poolewe with the Websters. Louise, Murray and Lorn where keen to get out on the water whilst Geoffrey chose to visit the cafe.

We headed off to learn some skills and see what we could see. We found some seals playing in the water when we got up to the Inverewe bay, always a nice sight.

Waddell Kayak



A morning paddling with the Waddell’s from Poolewe. The family are regulars to the area, staying at their family holiday home in Inverasdale.

Archie, Rebecca and Angus paddled my kayaks whilst Abigail chose to paddle one of their sit on top kayaks.

After a fun session Abigail practised some self rescue skills for when they’re out by themselves.









MacDonald Kayak


This morning saw a windy start to the day in Poolewe. The wind didn’t deter Grant, Connie, Katie or Rhona in the slightest and they where all keen to get onto the water. After getting going they picked up the skills despite the wind trying to push them around.

Connie reassured herself that she would simply fall out of the kayak if she capsized by trying it out. Once getting back in she kept going, not letting the fact that she was soaked get her down. The wind chose to calm it’s self towards the end of the session, giving us a nice gentle end to the paddle.

Speaking Canoe



On this fine afternoon I was joined by Glen, Alex and their tribe – Emma, Amy, Jasmine and Michaela. We all set off for a paddle in the canoes from Poolewe.


Both boats – Glen, Emma, Michaela and Alex, Amy, Jasmine – paddled well, being able to maneuver their boats where they wanted to. Some frantic fun games ensured everyone had tired arms by the end of the session.


DSCF2463 DSCF2470

Elliott/McIlwhan Kayak



Rose and Jim wanted to get out for a bit of kayaking to see the scenery from a different angle and hopefully see some wildlife.

It was a glorious day, so the scenery was, as ever up here, outstanding. We had a good paddle along from Poolewe, Jim getting back into the swing of it all and building his confidence in the boat.

On our return towards Poolewe we where followed by a seal, inquisitive as ever to what we where up to in his territory.


DSCF2422 DSCF2445

Bowker Canoe



Local’s Andy and Margo came out to join me for a relaxing paddle one evening after I had been working in Poolewe. They have sit on top boats themselves, but came out in one of my canoes to see what it’s like. We just went for a little paddle around the side of Inverewe Garden. I can’t even remember if we had any seals/otters/other sightings?

Skilling Canoe



Another fine sunny morning meant another fine morning on the water. The Skilling family met me in Poolewe for a a fun canoeing session in the bay. We set off easily with a nice high tide and found out just how easily these large canoes can turn. It wasn’t long before the canoes where being paddled on target.






With some practice and instruction the teams found they could get the canoes where they wanted them with no problems so it was time for games in the sun. Those sneaky Loch Ewe Piranhas made an appearance, ensuring there was lots of frantic paddling.






Both boats – Sangita & Joshua and Robin & Sofia couldn’t seem to stop smiling the whole time. Everyone paddled well, with Sofia deciding part way through that it was far better to be chauffeured around, but as she’s only 6 that’s not too bad!

Ingram Paddle



Paul, Emily, Coll and Anita arrived on a sunny afternoon in Poolewe ready for a canoeing session. After our initial chat about the boats and getting kitted out we set off to see how the canoe’s paddle. Both teams, Paul & Anita and Emily & Coll, soon got to grips with the way the boats could be manoeuvred through the water and we set off for the shores of Inverewe Garden.


We improved our turning strokes and then put them to test with a good game of Loch Ewe Piranhas. After a relaxing hot chocolate and biscuit break we jumped back on the water for more fun and games.





Towards the end of the session we put Coll’s skills to the test by sending him off in a kayak. He coped well, being able to paddle his kayak just where he wanted to go. With Paul & Anita still zipping around in their canoe and Emily and Coll both flying around in kayaks it was time for another game of Piranhas.


Coll claimed he didn’t get hit in the face…the photo makes it look like he did! Both Coll and Anita paddled well for such young folk – well done.


Wright Canoe




The day started with a mirror like bay at Poolewe, however as normally happens the winds slowly picked up distorting the reflections. Carol and David remembered their old paddling skills quickly and where soon gliding across the water.






We made our way around the side of of Inverewe Garden before stopping for a well earned coffee. The paddle back was made easier by the breeze pushing us back towards the beach.

Brown Canoe


A couple of hours where spent paddling around Poolewe Bay on a pleasant morning. A couple of other kayakers where on the water and a seal spent his time watching us all paddle around.


Tame the Wild

DSCF2075The morning was perfect weather for paddling – sunny, dry, wind less and midge free.  A great start for Go Further Scotland‘s Tame the Wild weekend.


We all started the day off with a bit of canoeing on the flat waters of Loch Ewe. Each pair picked up the hang of paddling the canoes quickly, getting to where they wanted to go easily. Despite initial trepidation Alison had a smile on her face from the start, realising that it is actually quite fun.




Since it was high tide we paddled off to see the River Ewe – at high tide the rapids under the bridge are completely flat, even the current of the river was unnoticeable. Have a look over the bridge at low tide and it’s quite a scary sight.

After a relaxing coffee break we jumped back on the water to practice more ways of moving the canoes, and then a good game of Loch Ewe Piranhas (seems to crop up in every session!).




Everything was going well, lots of laughs and fun until one pair where a bit eager and capsized. Luckily I had my camera to hand…. Sorry Jonathan and James, I couldn’t help putting the picture up. Whilst I was sorting out their canoe Jonathan threw a wet piranha straight at me – suddenly any sympathy I had for them was gone!






It was then an ideal time for a change of activity. Whilst the wet folk went to get dry, Paul, Colin and Arleen set out to see what solo canoeing is like. The ‘J’ stroke, Goon Stroke and probably a number of variations where put to use in order to maneuver the canoes. As the wind picked up slightly paddling became trickier but they all managed well.




Then it was time for the kayaks, due to an onshore breeze this made the task of paddling around trickier. We got on the water and soon found that the little kayaks liked to spin whilst the long sea kayaks didn’t. After a wee bit of instruction the paddlers found they where able to get the little kayaks going where they wanted and the long ones to turn, eventually.


The morning on the water went well, after lunch the group set off on a gently run to Kernsary. Luckily I had a doctors note telling me not to run! Thanks to Paul Tattersall and Colin Meek for organising a great weekend of activities.

Ashdown Paddle

Poolewe today, and a nice high tide to start with – always makes life easier.



I arrived to meet an enthusiastic family ready for the water. We started the morning out in canoes, with the plan of staying dry as long as possible. Both teams coped well, manoeuvring their boats just about where they wanted to go. With a little coaching they where ready to chase the piranhas across Loch Ewe.


We chose to have a hot chocolate on the shores of Inverewe Garden (luckily the family are NTS members so we weren’t chased for money). Then it was a paddle back to the trailer to get some kayaks out. Maureen decided to stay on the bank and take pictures whilst Jon and the two lads, Patrick and William, jumped into the little kayaks. Patrick being the expert paddler showed us his skills. William having never been in a kayak solo before soon picked it up and had no trouble zipping around.



Nobody fell in, so it was time to do some rafted games – all three showed their expert balancing skills by standing and jumping in their boats. Since they where still all dry it was time to make them rub noses with their kayaks…still they remained dry (well apart from their noses!). One last attempt to get the lads soaked – I set them the task of getting out of their boats and moving all the way around the rafted kayaks  and back in to their own. This must end in wetness…… nope, they where just too good. We ended the session with another round of hot drinks all still dry.




William gained his Paddle Start Award, and Patrick improved his skills ready for the next paddling course he’ll be on later in the summer. Well done lads.

Bergauer Kayak

My german skills can’t be described as any good, however, Jeder paddelten wirklich gut.

Things took slightly longer for translations to be done, but we still crammed plenty into the session. Everyone paddled well, even young Carla who conned me into giving her a tow so she could rest her arms.

Armstrong Canoe


Tim, Alison, Tom & Harry had one of the stillest days on the water so far, not a ripple anywhere. Well, apart from the otter’s ripples and of course the the pesky seal that kept following us and surprising Harry!


The still water made paddling easy, making it a calm and relaxed morning.





Tom even managed to gain his Paddle Power Start Award – well done! Harry will have to wait till he’s a little bigger.


Lindsey Kayak & Canoe

A wet day saw the Lindsey family arrive in Poolewe to get out on the water. Initially they all jumped into kayaks to see how they did. The sky opened and we all got drenched, luckily they had hired wetsuits from Sands Campsite where they were staying.


After the kayaks Kevin and Hannah teamed up, as did Alison and Joe to crew their canoes. The weather had luckily improved by now and a pleasant paddle was had along the to Poolewe bridge, calm and gentle at high tide.

Graham Canoe

Locals Ian, Linda and Honer had some family up on holiday – Andrew, Chris, Sam and James. We all took to the water in canoes to lean some skills and have some fun.




All the boats meant that in the pyranha game you never knew where the next sodden pyranha was going to be flying from. Unless you where Linda who knew it was coming from Honer, sat just behind her!





Hamilton Kayak

All four family members, Stephen, Kathryn, Ken and Fiona, started off on the water brilliantly, managing to keep their boat going just about straight from the start.

After a while of practising strokes by playing a few games we headed into the wind for a paddle around to Camas Glas.



On the way back Ken got board of paddling and decided to do some swimming, a few times! We then played a few more games ending up with some more swimming before heading back for hot drinks.

MacIver & Forbes Canoe

This afternoon a quick last minute canoe session was squeezed in at Poolewe.

The teams where Karen & Keven in one boat and Donald & Scott in the other. Both pairs became good enough to eddy hop along the River Ewe up to Poolewe bridge.



On the way back a game of ‘Lock Ewe Pyranhas’ turned into a splashing fight, both teams got drenched but spirits stayed high and everyone was still smiling when we arrived back at the cars.


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