The afternoon continued to be great weather and the Tomassoni family joined me for a paddle. We all set off in canoes, with Kate and Alex being one team and Riccardo and Francesca being the other. We had the normal seals pop up, giving Alex a little fright initially, but we soon got used to them watching us from afar.





As I do often, we then switched to kayaks so that we got a go in both canoes and kayaks during our session. We used a range of kayaks that I have, using one of the small ‘youth friendly’ closed cockpit kayaks, an adult general purpose closed cockpit kayak and a couple of sit on top kayaks. The sit on top kayaks are becoming a bit of a favourite among many of my customers.


Lots of fun was had with piranhas flying around filling the airspace. I’m not sure anyone minded too much getting splashed in the glorious sunshine today!