DSCF8171Ian who lives around the coast from me and runs the Na Fir Chlis guesthouse has recently bought himself a sea kayak and begun exploring the coastline. He wanted to learn some strokes to help his paddling and some rescue techniques in case he ends up in the water.

Our original plan was to paddle from Mellon Udrigle beach, just down the road from him, but due to the wind direction we chose to paddle from the Aultbea Hotel so that we could practice the strokes in calmer water. We tucked ourselves in by the shoreline and where protected from most of the wind and any rough seas.DSCF8174

I introduced Ian to a number of strokes that he can then head off and practice whilst he’s paddling in the future. Then it was time to get wet, it’s not possible to practice getting back into boats without firstly getting into the sea – luckily we where both wearing wetsuits. Ian got to see and use a few bits of safety kit that can really help when things go wrong and you end up swimming.

It wasn’t a warm day, so it was then time to dry off and head into the Aultbea Hotel for a good coffee to warm up and chat about paddling.