Another person that has been holidaying here since he was a lad is Charles Waddell, he now brings his family up on holidays. Today we went paddling in a mixture of boats, we had Charles & Rowan in a canoe and Katie & Robbie both chose to paddle kayaks.







When they are here they stay in Inverasdale, near Firemore beach, so since the weather was with us we chose to paddle from the beach. Katie and Robbie showed off their paddling skill and we paddled around the shore line. We found a cave that I had not seen before, it kept going on and on into the darkness. All 3 kayaks and the canoe where able to fit inside with ease, there was just enough space at the end to turn the kayaks around to ease exiting.




We carried on till we reached one of the family’s favourite beach spots where we had hot chocolate and biscuits, along with a good stretch of the legs.

The journey back was just as interesting, looking up at the coastline from sea level. When we reached Firemore beach again the rain arrived and it seemed like a good time to test Katie and Robbie’s balancing skills and get them swimming!