I finally remembered the camera this afternoon for a bit of climbing at clown crag. This afternoon’s session was passed over from Paul (gofurtherscotland) who is off enjoying himself on holiday in Germany. The girls, Jess, Sophie & Charlotte, all managed to run up all the routes with only the occasional stop to ponder a move.


Sally fought her way to the top with a determined look on her face, turning to joy and satisfaction as she reached the ground. Andrew got his excuses in early with his sore knee, but he still did well on a route and then did a great job belaying everyone else up the routes.



After everyone had climbed a  few routes I set up an abseil so that the girls could climb to the top and then abseil down, controlling their rate of descent. Jess seemed far happier controlling her own rate of descent – when she had been lowered from the climbs it was always either too fast or too slow!

Everyone picked up the new skills quickly, letting me sit back and watch – great!