It’s been ages since I paddled from Gairloch Harbour so since we where due a nice high tide I thought it would be a great spot to take the Young family.¬†They nearly missed out on paddling with me because they where due to be heading home today, but because the weather was just too good to be going home in they opted to hang around.




We headed off in kayaks, quickly getting used to their spinny nature. Being a hot sunny day no body minded getting sodden piranhas in the face (well, not too much). We paddled a good distance before stopping for a biscuit snack and stretch of the legs, after that it was time to paddle back into the harbour. We where able to head up the river slightly, under the new and old bridges, and alongside the Old Inn.






Jacqui, Mike, Olivia and Douglas left me after a good session to get some fish and chips and hopefully find a B&B for the night.