Jones Kayak, Gairloch



Brian and Duncan joined me again, this time with Alastair, for a sunny (and very wet) paddling session. The wetness certainly didn’t come from the sky, when they all turned up in wetsuits I knew it was going to be a wet session! Quite a bit of the session was taken up trying to balance the kayaks from strange positions.

Burn Kayak, Poolewe



Gill and Harry have recently moved to the area and after a few days paddling last year have decided that it’s something they should get into up here. Certainly a good decision to make if you’re going to live on this fantastic bit of coastline!

Rhodes Kayak, Loch Ewe

27-7-16 Rhodes (10)


Allison and Will joined me again for more paddling fun, probably the 6th or 7th time. As always we had a great time, paddling around, seeing the wildlife (3 otters swimming together this time), enjoying the sights and a good brew on the beach. I look forwards to next time!

27-7-16 Rhodes (35)27-7-16 Rhodes (23)

Wignall Canoe, Gairloch & Poolewe

20+23-7-16 Wignall (22)Alan and Pamela joined me for two trips, initially from Gairloch Harbour and then from Poolewe. They have a family cottage in Poolewe, so know the area well but have’t canoed on the waters before. Alan is booked to go on a trip along the River Tay later on in the year, so wanted to get some experience paddling canoes.

20+23-7-16 Wignall (30)




We had a fantastically calm morning at Gairloch, the sea was still with not a breath of wind in the air. Sadly the same can’t be said for the rain in the air – but luckily a bit of rain doesn’t really matter too much. Poolewe’s paddle was far dryer but a bit windier, which was good as we wanted a breeze to practice more challenging paddling in.  We spent a lot of time over the two sessions leaning the basics of lots of strokes, practising them as we paddled around the coastline seeing the wildlife and sights.

20+23-7-16 Wignall (49)

Canoe training

DSCF5246I’ve been spending some time coaching some canoe skills recently. The wind chose not to help us at all – paddling a canoe solo in the wind can be quite tricky when you’re practising your strokes! Paddling tandem is of course far easier, assuming teamwork skills are ok!


Helena & Friends Paddle, Poolewe

Helena & Friends 27-7-15 (44)


Helena, Adrian, Scarlett, Kate, Danny and Rebecca all came to Poolewe for a paddling session. We hopped in a variety of boats including canoes, sit on tops kayaks and a closed cockpit kayak. After getting used to the boats and how they respond to different strokes we set off on a little journey to find some seals. Success, we found some seals along with flocks of herrons and oyster catchers. Helena & Friends 27-7-15 (6)

Helena & Friends 27-7-15 (41)


Helena & Friends 27-7-15 (30)



Helena & Friends 27-7-15 (13)

Beach Kayak, Poolewe

Beach 15-7-15 (38)


More repeat customers, this time Jon, Erin and Millie joined me in Poolewe for some kayaking fun. It was good to see that they remembered how to paddle their boats well and what strokes to do to make their boats move around. We were able to distract the visitors in Inverewe Garden from the plants as we played games in the boats, then we got distracted when some seals swam around us.Beach 15-7-15 (33)

Cakebread Kayak, Poolewe

Cakebread 15-7-15 (16 )Holly and Graeme were staying in Skyfall, in Poolewe, so it made sense to paddle from Poolewe. We set off on the sit on top kayaks, practiced some skills, had some fun, saw some wildlife and then on the way back Holly decided she’d had enough kayaking for a while and jumped off to swim. She said it was enjoyable, but I chose to stay in my kayak – looked cold to me.

Cakebread 15-7-15 (5 )

Cumming Kayak, Poolewe

Cumming 9-7-15 (15)


Eòin, Anndra, Iain and John had paddled with me back in 2013 on a beautiful sunny day. This time the weather wasn’t quite so good, but it was certainly better than some of the weather we’ve been having this summer. Having paddled with me before they were all, of course, experts – leaving me with a very easy session to run!


Cumming 9-7-15 (34)

Cumming 9-7-15 (17)

Austen Paddle

Austen 23-6-15 (18)

The Austens were on a trip around the North Coast 500, a fantastic 500 mile route around the north of Scotland. They were keen to get out on the water, so made sure they stopped off for a paddle on Loch Ewe. We set off from Poolewe by Inverewe Garden. On our trip around we saw an otter having his lunch and a group of seals watched us as we watched them.

Apologies again that we finished the session a few minutes early, a mountain rescue call out on An Teallach meant that I had to make a swift exit.

Austen 23-6-15 (15)

Wittenberg Kayak, Poolewe

Wittenberg 27,8,14eve (2)

Just a few days and the Wittenbergs are back for more. This time Libbi and Kadya where joined by their friend Joanna. We headed out after a ‘show’ from the local otter – he was wandering across the beach and road before diving through a hedge to escape the limelight. On the water it was another session with thousands of whitebate, hundreds of mackerel and a handful of seals watching us as they filled their bellies with mackerel. We had a relaxed session with spasms of activity during some games. Another good session on the water with beautiful blue skies.


Wittenberg 27,8,14eve (36)



Wittenberg 27,8,14eve (44)Wittenberg 27,8,14eve (29)

Fooks Kayak, Poolewe

Fooks 27,8,14pm (23)


The Fooks arrived in Poolewe to blue skies and sunshine. This session we headed out into the bay in kayaks, getting the hang of the boats quickly. Again in this session we had the pleasure of otter, seal, heron, oyster catcher and thousands of whitebait sightings, not to mention the special Loch Ewe piranhas. It was a busy session with some hard paddling needed against the wind when it unhelpfully chose to pick up.


Fooks 27,8,14pm (7)
Fooks 27,8,14pm (10)

Knowles Paddle, Poolewe

Knowles 27,8,14am (37)

Today Poolewe was the place to be. I met Karen, Claire, Maddy and Robert in the morning for a session of canoeing and kayaking in the bay. We set off initially in canoes, seeing an otter before we even left the shore. When we where on the water we saw thousands of fish in the water, they seemed to be everywhere, jumping out of the water for insects, but often into seagulls mouths. As we where heading back to shore we had a visit from a seal, interested in what we where doing. We then jumped into some kayaks for a little paddle and some fun, balancey wet games.

Knowles 27,8,14am (21)


Knowles 27,8,14am (6)


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